Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inaugural Podcast - Rick Warren

Episode 1 - Rick Warren

Here is the inaugural podcast by Aric Clark, Doug Hagler, and Nick Larson as Two Friars and a Fool.


Anonymous said...

Do you believe in miracles?

Doug Hagler said...

I, personally, am open to miracles but am not certain about having witnessed any myself.

Why do you ask?

Paul Wise said...

Sadly, I have read some of 'A Purpose Driven Life,' given to me by my well-meaning grandmother. I had to stop a few chapters in because of how horrifying it was.

Why is it horrifying? Well, here's a guy who is telling people, "I know what your purpose is. I can tell you exactly what you are for," and tens of thousands of people believe him! Again, and I cannot emphasize this enough: here's this two-bit snake oil salesman, smarmy and full of false sympathy giving easy answers to difficult questions to tens of thousands of people, and they believe him.

The question of purpose is one of the greatest mysteries of Creation: Why are we here? Why were we created? IS there a purpose to our existence? Is there any such thing as purpose at all? Apparently, so, and for one easy payment of whatever a hard bound book costs these days, Rick Warren is here to sell it to you!

I'm not drinking anybody's kool-aid, thank you very much.

Eddie Louise said...

Hey Guys!

Finally got to listen to this - good stuff!

I think overall you gave a balanced view while still calling the guy to task for the crazy things he said.

Can we have a follow up on what you all thought of the inaugural prayer?