Who We Are

You know that feeling you get when you’re surrounded by good friends who share your passions out for a few drinks at the local and after a couple of pints you get into an argument about metaphysics that lasts till 2 in the morning? That is the feeling we are trying to distill and bottle at Two Friars and a Fool. We want to deliberately establish an environment of congenial, impassioned debate about all matters theological, or tangentially theological, or even adjacent to theology when viewed from a certain angle and with the benefit of an irresponsible blood-alcohol level.

We intend to accomplish this by attracting and publishing theological content that is provocative, and following it up with commentary and moderated forum conversations that aim to draw you, the hapless patsy, er, engaged participant into lively discussions about things that matter. Ideally at Two Friars and a Fool no one is a passive consumer; everyone is pulling up a stool and voicing their opinion with the kind of fervor usually reserved for contact sports and gaming conventions. (Once at a gaming convention Doug spent a whole day arguing that the whole narrativist vs. simulationist design theory was flawed.) If we’re doing our job the quality of discussion will match the energy behind it because we will not be feeding you junk food. Both original articles, and guests will provide thoughtful seeds for theological argument from a variety of perspectives.

Speaking of perspective, a word about our starting place and intended audience. We are progressive mainline Christian ministers. We intend this space to be hospitable to all comers who can keep from being belligerent drunks, but we recognize that we will be speaking mainly from and to progressive mainline Christians. Everyone should pick their local based on an atmosphere that makes them comfortable, so this gives you a head’s up about the kind of people you are likely to meet here. (If Nick gets his way it will probably be a froofy kind of place with expensive microbrews on tap.)

Some would say that the product of this kind of casual back and forth is more heat than light. Perhaps they’re right, but we would like to point to one of our inspirations – the Inklings. The Inklings were a group of literary enthusiasts at Oxford who got together in the 1930’s and 40’s over drinks, and the product of their regular gatherings include the writings of Tolkein, Lewis, Barfield and others. We’d like to believe that where this is leading is a kind of renewed fecundity of ideas and writing on theology for those who jump in with both feet. Beer, friends, and reasoned debate are good soil for a lot things to grow in. (At least with Aric here you know there will be plenty of bullshit to keep things fertile.)

So we invite you to place your order at the bar and sit down for some intense conviviality. We happen to know that you’re wrong about a lot of things and we look forward to pointing them out. We’re confident you’ll return the favor.