Monday, October 5, 2009

Conservatizing the Bible

Because the Bible has a well known liberal bias.

A project to authorize a completely conservative translation of the Bible is underway. Their goals include removing later liberal additions, emphasizing the "Free-market parables", and ensuring the hyper-masculinity of the text. I love people like this. They completely remove my need to create straw-men.

I'm curious though, will they rely on the past two centuries of liberal scholarship that has constructed the annotated hebrew and greek manuscripts now universally regarded as the best available source material? Maybe as true conservatives they should use the Vulgate and then they can just write a New King James Version. Oh wait, that already exists.


Alan said...

We know that only conservatives take scripture seriously, because that's what they keep telling us. This is just more evidence, right? ;)

Doug Hagler said...

I'm with Aric, I love these people. They are very honest and direct about what they're doing so no one has any questions whatsoever. It's much more bothersome when they claim they're taking the Bible seriously, when clearly they're just taking their worship of capitalism and their misogyny/homophobia and putting a God-stamp on it.

At least these guys are honest. Bravo.

Jodie said...

It had to happen. Conservativism is becoming a religion on its own, and as such it needs a sacred text.

The Bible as we know it just won't do.

Anonymous said...

Yes Jodie is right.

And of course the real message is that only these right-thinking dudes know what the Truth is.

EVERYONE else is wrong.

Including everyone from other faith Traditions.