Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Maddow & Ex-Gay Richard Cohen

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Alan said...

She's a partisan hack, but I still enjoy watching her, and this interview perfectly demonstrates the underlying nefarious nature of "change" ministries. Even if they think they can claim they're not harming people, their work is used by people who are.

Aric Clark said...

She's definitely opinionated, but I don't think she's partisan or a hack. She has bee one of the most vocal critics of Obama and Democrats - as she was with Bush. Doesn't seem to have a "party" she belongs to. And as for being a hack - she does her research and hits people with facts and intelligence. Hardly the work of a hack.

I do agree though that she has a pronounced liberal bias and she is only going to appeal to certain people for that reason.

What nauseates me about Richard Cohen is that his wife and his children and his heterosexuality are "credentials" for him. Even saying "I'm attracted to women" is a badge of honor in his mind, which is disgusting.

Doug Hagler said...

Well, think about it. "I like chicks" sounds like a much better credential than "No licencing or accrediting body in any country will recognize my treatments as efficacious or scientific, and I make use of pseudo-scholarly research from a person driven out of every peer-reviewed academic organization he's tried to join."

Given the choice, I would also go with liking chicks as my best chance.

Alan said...

OK, hack is hyperbole, but as a phrase it goes along with partisan like peanut butter and jelly. But she's certainly as much of a Democrat as I am (probably more) even though we both criticize Obama & the Congressional Democrats for many of the same things. Doesn't mean we're not still partisan. :) (And I don't, BTW, think being partisan is a bad thing.)

I always marvel at the denial it takes for someone to think that being married and being attracted to women are the same thing. And as sad as that is, even sadder are the folks who get caught up in the deception, like his wife and kids.

Gee whiz, he procreated. He's cured! (And by cured I mean he's not currently having an affair with a man as he apparently did after he got married to a woman.)

Anyone else surprised that a major component of his "therapeutic technique" is holding therapy? *ahem* Me neither.

BTW, I totally *love* that he writes his name followed by MA on the cover of his book as if it's a big deal.

Alan, BS, MA, MS, PhD, LOL

Jodie said...

Man, I would hate getting on Rachel Maddow's bad side.

Regardless of my disagreement with Richard Cowen's clearly unscientific anecdotal methods, I give him high marks for smiling his way into a such a sandblasting. She beat the shit out of him and he just took it in stride.

That takes an amazing amount of self discipline.

(although his smile did sort of look like the result of plastic surgery gone bad)

Paul Wise said...

I would definitely agree that Rachel is partisan, but she's no hack. You know how it goes: reality has a well known liberal bias.

In any case, as far as Richard Cohen and his possible attraction to women, I wonder if he's aware of the fact that even if he is attracted to his wife, that doesn't make him heterosexual - just bisexual? ... Wait, what am I saying? Everyone knows there's no such thing as bisexuals! They're all either heterosexual and in denial, or homosexual and in denial! Kinsey Scale? What's that? Can you eat it? ;P