Saturday, June 19, 2010

Still Waiting

"What the Almighty will do if thousands of praying, loving Christians non-violently face death in the search for peace and justice will remain shrouded in mystery--at least until we have the courage to try it" (Ron Sider, Non-Violence [Dallas: Word Publishing, 1989], 92).

Shamelessly stole this one from Josh Rowley's fine blog. It was too good not pass on.

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reborn1995 said...


i asked you about a Pacifism reading list like forever ago and i have a similar request. i started reading John Howard Yoder. i bought War and the Lamb and also What Would You Do.

What i'm really looking for are works that talk about pacifism from a practical ethical point of view. What Would You Do was excellent. But Yoder's War and the Lamb seems to deal with pacifism on a national/international scale. i looked on Amazon at several of the Table of Contents of Yoder's other works, and they seem to be focused on this political/bigger picture pacifism.

i'd like to be reading some works that argue for/deal with pacifism in everyday, individual scenarios in situations--the use of violence period. Can you recommend some stuff along these lines?