Friday, July 9, 2010

Two Friars and a Fool and the FUTURE! (Future...future...future...)

Work has begun in earnest on a new website for Two Friars and a Fool.  We are moving toward WordPress as well as changes in layout and function.  The blog thing has been good, but we want to go further.  We are working not only on a forum for extended barroom arguments, but also on inviting some new voices to say their piece  - hopefully leading to further entertaining arguments.

The thing is, our vision for this whole project remains something like a gathering of friends and loyal opposition in a place where outright brawlers are bounced to the curb but at the same time we don't have to watch our language so closely.  We want passion without going as far as soccer-hooliganism.

Because it is a lot cheaper and easier to set up a website than to build an actual bar (if we were good at business do you think we'd be pastors?) that's what we've done.

But we can, and will, do it better.

Coming off the General Assembly season and moving toward what will doubtless be knock-down-drag-outs at our local Presbyteries, there will be plenty to talk about.  And not just for the Frozen!  What we're talking about, everyone else is also talking about.  Sex, marriage, Muslims, Jews, the Gay, the Straight, the Alphabet Soup of Sexual Minorities, prObama and antiBama, the hideous tyranny of our dark and dismal times - all that good stuff.

We'll keep you posted on how things are going.  It always takes longer than we think it will, but here's the key.  We're all getting ordained, and part of what comes with that is this thing called "continuing education" or "professional development".  And there's some money involved.  Which means that we are contractually obligated to remain....

Two Friars and a Fool.

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Aric Clark said...

Excited about this. If we can just get it off the ground...