Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rumblings of Progress

For over two years now Doug Hagler, Nick Larson, and myself have been plotting to take over the internet. Going back even farther than that we have been friends who also happen to use computers. We are none of us cutting edge, though Nick has some actual know-how that is a few years out of date. So our conquest is inching along at a hard-to-see-it's-so-slow rate.

Recently though we have been gathering steam to attempt something pretty ambitious, which will be the next evolution of Two Friars and a Fool. The website, already in development, will be a virtual pub - a space for convivial debate and argument about things that matter. We hope to stimulate good conversation by hosting and creating high quality content. Articles, videos, and interviews by and with some great thinkers will be posted at regular intervals along with video responses from we three fools. We want you to get into the argument too by delving into the forums and engaging in direct debate with theologians, authors, speakers, and trolls from every corner of the internet.

We are still a few months away from this being a reality, but already we're laying the ground work. Building a Facebook Page to spread the word and provide updates. Starting a twitter feed for the "TwoFriars", which will give you the no-nonsense notifications of new content. A separate twitter feed "AndaFool" will let you in on our twisted sense of humor. News is slow coming at the moment, but you can be an early adopter and use the power of social media to feed us ideas about how we should assemble a casual, lively home for drunken theological debate online.


DHammond said...

1. where is my beer?
2. What are we talking about?
3. There had better be a smoking section.

Aric Clark said...

1. It will have to be BYOB, unless we can provide metaphorical beer in the form of ribald entertainment.

2. What would you like to argue about into the early hours of the morning? Whether the church in the 1st World has a pulse?

3. You can bring your self-destructive habits with you. We all will.

Jodie said...

But will you feed the trolls?

I mean, even a dog gets crumbs off its master's plate.

Aric Clark said...

We will feed the trolls slowly to keep them distracted until they're turned to stone by the rising sun.

Jodie said...


I hope you don't consider me a troll.