Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Virtual Theology Pub

This site is just a collaborative blog, but we want to be so much more to you. We aspire to be a Virtual Theology Pub.

A what?

We want to be a place where you come to hang out with people you like and have spirited, but friendly conversations about things that matter. To accomplish this we are moving away from the blog format where we spout our opinions and you read them (if you can be bothered). Instead we are soliciting the opinions of people we think are cool on subjects where we can get some traction for a good debate. We are going to be responding to the submissions of the aforementioned cool people with short videos designed to make you laugh, and think, and most importantly jump in with your own opinion into the forums.

Spread the word on your own blogs, on twitter, on facebook, or wherever you make your digital home. This is gonna be fun.


Anonymous said...

I want it to us 4 and no more !!!

Aric Clark said...

We love you too anonymous! But we've come to the excruciating realization that the love we share is too good to keep hidden from the world. For the good of humanity we have to make this an open relationship.

Anonymous said...

But I'm not Gay or lesbian and I'm afraid people won't like me as I am and cyber bullies might try to convert me to Islam or make my INTERNET connection viral or something . Can you help me through your blog before I get sucked into some black hole or something worse, Please