Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Enneagram in Nine Haikus

depending on how this practice persists, I'll count this as one poem or nine...if you are familiar with the enneagram, you can guess which is which.

ever i balance
see all sides and empathize
fulcrum disappears!

everything in place
someone must divide and see
nothing in between

an open heart cracks
into many smaller hearts
each open always

mirror polishing
i can never see myself
except in success

a perfect lone rose
petals quivering with dew
falling like teardrops

behind battlements
heap upon heap of knowledge
and always i watch

let's each make a deal
if you run then i run; if you
fight then i fight too

what Tiggers do best
bouncy bouncy bouncy bounce -
what was the question?

go ahead, test me
this is me up in your face
i won't hesitate

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