Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nature: More Insight Into Cancer

I heard about this last night and found these article overviews in Nature that talked about the part that microRNA plays in the development and differentiation of cancer cells. I also learned a new term: oncogene.

I encourage you to read up and find out what that term means.

This also makes me think of my recent post on the physical sciences. This stuff is seriously cool, people. Amazing.

I've always thought of cancer as a solvable problem. The problem of cancer sort of exists in a box - a big, complicated box, but a box nontheless. It is something that some team of geneticists and doctors is going to crack open, one day, and figure out, and be able to do something about. It might be a long time - and as far as this new research points, it might be sooner than I'd thought.

I'm really excited to see what the cure for our various cancers will look like.

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