Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wisdom Ethics part 2: One possible solution

Wisdom Ethics part 2: One possible solution

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Aric Clark said...

Maybe it is just fever dreams brought on by sleep deprivation but it seemed like you had this better formulated in the car.

This is good, mind you. I agree with all of it. It just lacks a bit of punch. The first time you said it, it felt like a door opening.

It seems like it has the potential to be a process, more than an idea. ie: if calculating results, then double-check you violate no important rules, and one of the results is increasing virtue. If following rules, double-check the results are good, and it increases virtue. If practicing habits of virtue, double-check that you are following important rules and the results are good.

I know that is what you just said. I'm just trying to distill this in my own head... The question then follows can we come up with reasons why one of the three legs might be a better or easier starting place for different situations? Is it just personal preference? Are the different legs actually suited to different circumstances or personalities

Doug said...

I think some of its punch was due to staying up all night, but maybe the way I put it then was better as well. We'll see. Those are good questions, though, and give me a direction to go with further posts.

Nick.Larson said...

No Aric, I think your onto something there. I remember it having a bit more punch too it. I think the real strength was when we began to disect it. We started talking about when each one breaks down and how another school fills in the gaps...AKA sometimes becoming a better person could hurt someone around you...

Does that track?