Monday, February 1, 2010

I am the Country's Screaming Frustration

Let me get this straight. A year ago, Democrats won the White House and both houses of Congress in sweeping victories on a platform of change. Since then, nothing even remotely progressive has been accomplished except trying to spend us out of a massive recession. Nothing whatsoever - Gitmo still open, DODT still in full force, escalation in Afghanistan, increased spending on nukes and defense, etc. Then the President wins a Nobel Peace Prize, possibly the least deserved Prize in history, but still, a Peace Prize.

But then one Republican wins one election in Massachusettes, and not only is the Democratic majority completely undone, but a regressive surge begins as Dems fall over each other to hand everything over to Republicans once more.

I think it is possible to be a Democrat, and possible to have self-respect, but not possible, anymore, for both at once.

If you are actually a Progressive, come join us in the Green Party. We don't win many elections, but at least we vote with our conscience, and if we ever do win an election, it won't be of a spineless corpse-party that is ready for the scrap-heap of history.


Aric Clark said...

I don't have any confidence in our political system. At all. Everyone who apparently has access to or is in the corridors of power is a warmongering, corporate pandering, clone. Our political discourse is limited to Rush Limbaugh v. Keith Olbermann. Our Congress is a bunch of schills falling over themselves to do nothing as fast as possible. Our Executive branch is in full imperial mode. And Our Judiciary has the courage of a possum under the wheels of a Mack truck.

I am also not cynical in the slightest.

Jodie said...


You are right where wanabe dictators want you to be.

Doug Hagler said...

I beg to differ - I'd be surprised to find a dictator who approved of politically engaged and active pacifists.

Jodie said...

Dictators (Latin for "deciders") rise on the wave of disillusionment with politicians and the political process and thrive on its corruption, real or perceived.

Those planning to become dictators do well to feed that disillusionment.

Which points to two lessons. Corruption must be challenged at all times, but faith in the political system must be compared to faith in the alternative.

Disengagement in a democracy is to capitulate to dictatorship. In my mind, that is by far the greater evil.

Doug Hagler said...

I don't intend to tell anyone to disengage (though if they do I can't blame them and wish them well). I just question how anyone can vote for the Democrats. Even if one supports their constant capitulation, their support of war escalation, they seem unable to accomplish a single thing they set out to accomplish. In what way is the Democratic party a functional political unit? The only alternative for progressives seems to be some kind of third party, and hope that either 1. the Dems get the message or 2. the third party grows in influence

Aric Clark said...

I'm not disillusioned with democracy. I'd love to live in a democracy. I may move to one someday.