Friday, February 12, 2010

I Love That About Music

I can reject a theology that I read in a book, but if Johnny Cash sings it, I'll nod my head and tap my feet and sing along.

I think that Black theologians a few decades ago were right - songs are a different kind of theological discourse, but no less valuable, than that found in dense scholarly tomes. I think that music acts on different parts of the brain, parts we might share more deeply in common than written discursive language. It might be a way to bridge gaps which weigh heavily on me when I think of them - the preposterous difficulty there is in communicating with other religious people who disagree with me, especially in blogs and blog comment threads. Could I sing them a song about ordination rights for all children of God that they would not their head to? It would be something, maybe. A start.

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Craig said...


Good thoughts, a couple of comments.

Luther would agree with you about teaching through music.

There is some really crappy theology set to some really catchy tunes.