Saturday, December 11, 2010

Brief Interlude: Another Conversation

The Stated Clerk of Muskingum Valley Presbytery has set up a blog for posting and discussion on the many votes before the PC(USA) in the near future, including not only 10A but also the Belhar Confession and the New Form of Government.  Given our focus on 10A, we may not get a chance to talk much about these things here, so if you're interested in these conversations, head over to the Stated Clerk's new blog.

He's also set up a pretty thorough study guide on the various issues and amendments the PC(USA) is voting on, including a certain ordination resource by yours truly, and Tom Hobson's response to said resource (which we have subsequently dealt with in depth.)  The study guide is interesting for seeing a few different views on the various issues.

We now return to your regularly-scheduled arguments in favor of LGBTQ inclusion.

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