Monday, December 27, 2010

The Priesthood is composed of all believers

(1)In the Reformed tradition, from the very beginning, it was understood that every believer is responsible as part of the priesthood - that priesthood was not a special ontological status conferred by the church, but was rather a general calling conferred by the grace of God on all baptised believers.(2) The fact is that every LGBTQ Christian is already called to ministry.(3)

1. This post follows upon the theme and logic of the previous one, and is once again simply recapitulating a basic Reformed theological understanding and applying it to LGBTQ ordination.

2. Again, we are all priests.  Every one of us, despite the failings we are aware of and those we don't even have the discernment and wisdom to see.

3. This discussion is not about ontology, it is about polity.  What are we to do with these individuals, called by God but denied certain functions in our polity?  Continue to ignore God's calling, or change?

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