Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dammit This Is Supposed to Be Fun

I don't know why we get into blog-fights, but it sure is a waste of time and energy. Hoo boy. I feel myself getting older, losing precious minutes on this planet, just thinking about it.

If we're to be judged by our fruits, what kinds of fruits do blog-fights bear? I'm hard pressed to come up with any. I think that part of why these pointless fights made sense to me was just plain depression - it reduces one's capacity to realize the futility of what is going on. Or, maybe more accurately, it makes everything feel equally futile, so I guess arguing with someone in their comment thread feels just as pointless as pretty much anything else.

I now feel like I am looking at these things from something of a new light - from my point of view at least.

I think we should ordain homosexuals. I think that abortion is wrong, but I also think the Pro Life movement is wrong. I am a pacifist to the best of my limited ability. I cry because sea turtles get caught in long lines and are going extinct, along with most large animals in the oceans. I think we should have a canon only insofar as the canon shows us who we are and who God is, and that whatever we agree shows us those things should be "canon". There are parts of the Bible I just never read. I'm a pluralist.

Take your shots. :)

But here's the thing. I want to enjoy this, so when it stops being fun, that'll be that. A good rousing argument can be interesting, but I'm going to scroll past comments that take themselves too seriously, and feel free to do the same with my idiotic little posts.


Alan said...

If you really want an argument, you forgot to include your tweet about hating Children's Moments. (I assume you're talking about Children's sermons? Or is Children's Moments something specific?)

That oughta get things rolling. :)

Aric Clark said...

@ Alan,

That was my tweet, not Doug's. And yes I mean Children's Sermons. Mostly I'm just not good at them and find them agonizing to plan and do. But I'm not really sure what kind of argument there would be. If someone else loves Children's Moments they're welcome to them. Just not my thing. :D


I've been extremely bi-polar on this subject. I simultaneously hate and seek blog-fights. That is I frequently manage to convince myself there is some point even when all my past experience says otherwise. I always end up regretting it and swearing off the stuff in the aftermath. I often end up needing to apologize or feeling like a bunch of other people should be apologizing to me. I usually feel like I've won, but the people I'm "fighting" never agree and what kind of pathetic victory could I claim from a blog-fight anyway?

Though I have to say the idea of a literal blog-fight makes me grin. "In this corner we have 2 friars and a fool, and in the challenger's corner dumbass #14. This fight is scheduled for 5, 300 word posts, for the super-flyweight blogging championship of the world" (crowd cheers)...

Paul Wise said...

Them's fightin' words!
*throws a punch*

Alan said...


Gotcha, and I'm with you.

I don't think I've ever heard a Chidren's Sermon that the kids seemed to understand. Almost all of them use analogical reasoning (God is like a big umbrella, kids!) and research on development indicates that most kids under about the age of 10 simply cannot understand that sort of reasoning.

I think making Biblical themed balloon animals would probably be more valuable. :)

Sam said...

I understand the basic futility of blog-fights. Typically people follow the blogs of like-minded people. Occasionally, we pop over to see what the "other side" is saying. Most comment threads are just replies from the cheering section.

For those of us who are less ejikated, some of the discussions can be informative. Aric's discussion with Viola et. al. was a bit over my head, but it helps me to define, where I'm at and what I believe. I also learned some new big words to impress people with!

Re: Children's sermons. Alan, if you tried to make balloon animals, something would inevitably go horribly wrong.

Jodie said...
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Jodie said...


The best Children sermons are the ones that just tell a bible story. The object is to get them curious (that's in the Bible? Really?).

The only moral you tell is the one the characters themselves tell.

Like "If I die, then I die" or "you meant it for evil but God meant it for good", or "from now on your name is Israel because you struggled with God" or something like that.

Parents love stories too. Very effective.

Re blog fights, Doug: You know you've won when they start cussing at you and kick you off their blog.

(but sometimes it looks more like road rage)

Alan said...

"You know you've won when they start cussing at you and kick you off their blog."

Every time I get kicked off a blog a fairy gets its wings. :)

Jodie said...

It took me a couple of seconds there...