Friday, December 12, 2008

Among Friends...

In previous experience blogging one thing I found utterly perplexing was that some people (often the most vocal ones) choose to frequent places where they have radical disagreement in order to provoke arguments. Mind you, part of me really likes arguing. I have at times been strongly tempted to go leapfrogging around fundamentalist forums spreading bile. I am frequently dumbfounded at the things people say and believe while claiming to be Christian and I'd love to show them for the impostors they are. Doubtless there are some people out there who feel exactly the same about me.

The internet is not a hospitable habitat for reasoned debate. The prerequisites for effective persuasion - mutual affection, trust and understanding - are virtually impossible to establish over an anonymous text-based medium. So don't be surprised if you come here in anger and fail to persuade me, Doug, or Nick of anything at all. Don't be surprised if you listen to our podcasts and read our posts and find none of it persuasive. We are not trying to persuade you and it is probably an impossible task anyway.

In fact, if you come here knowing that you disagree with us on almost everything and you find yourself repeatedly experiencing anger/disgust/dismay when you visit I have a suggestion for you: Don't come. Don't listen to us. Don't read what we write. Ignore us. We're not that important.

Disagreement, of course, is no problem at all... among friends. I invite and encourage healthy, respectful debate that assumes from the get go that we are friends with more in common than not. I will do my best to always be generous in my assumptions about you, even when what you say is completely asinine and I want to declare you anathema. I try to hold myself to the standard of never typing something in a comment or blog which I would not say face to face.

So if this blog feels like enemy territory to you, welcome. We'll try to show you that we're no enemies of yours, but we're not going to waste much energy beating our heads against a brick wall with you.

If, however, this blog feels like your kind of place - then pull up a stool. You are among friends.


Jodie said...

I am partial to caipirinhas.

I have found that Sam's liquor is a good source of Brazilian cachaça. A freshly squeezed quartered lime, 2 heaping tsp sugar stirred, and 2 oz of cachaça, poured over a glass of crushed ice.

Lubricates any discussion of religion, philosophy, politics or art (which heading does sex fall under) among friends. A little samba to give some mood and rhythm, and were off.

Craig said...

Aric & Doug,

Glad to see you are continuing to blog. I'll probably stop by, but my free time for commenting is short. Congrats on the call, I envy you being in CO. Hope you have a good Christmas.

Rev'd Chris Larimer said...

Drinking but no fighting?

You might as well hang up a sign:

Tolerant of everyone but the Irish!