Monday, December 8, 2008

Introduction: Friar or Fool?

We might as well start off by introducing ourselves.

Hi, my name is Doug Hagler. I am a fourth-year student at SFTS/The Graduate Theological Union currently completing four units of CPE working as a chaplain at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital. I'm married to a preschool teacher/writer/historian named Pam and have a dog named Po. I like to read when I get the time - fantasy and science fiction, the occasional graphic novel, theology and philosophy and religion, plenty of popular science - and I am an avid player of games of all kinds. I come from a big, complicated family that is estranged and strange on so many levels. Specific to my position as Friar or Fool, I am interested in virtue ethics/bioethics, practical theology, pluralism, mythopoetics, nonviolence, covenantal anarchism...I'm also into more down-to-earth stuff, but these are the kinds of topics that I'll be most likely to talk about here. They are also subject to change without notice.

What do I want from this project we're putting together? I want to stay engaged with my close friends and colleagues, who may or may not be Fools. (If I'm not sure who the Fool is, does that mean its me?) I want to stay engaged with a community of thinking-types who share some interests and who also want to argue with us. I want to have extra motivation to keep reading those academic books that part of me wants to fling out the window. And maybe, just maybe, something will come out of this that is greater than the parts we put into it.

So that's it for now.

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