Thursday, December 11, 2008

No Question I'm the Fool

Well of course, I'm the last to be introduced which is strike one against me for being the fool. I too am a 4th year seminary student at SFTS and am in the last week of the semester. Yeah, it's that time of the student life, but I love it. I actually think I do some of my best work under pressure so here it goes.

I'm Nicolas A. Larson, but you can call me Nick. I am not an ordained minster, although the Indiana region of the Disciples of Christ are getting really close to changing that one. I am married to a wonderful driven woman, Julia, who is an industrial engineer (well at least trained as one) who works for BioMarin doing supply chain and getting drugs to people that change their lives. We have a doolap of a dog named Zeke who likes sleeping and eating (man what a life). My background is in graphic design, so hopefully come January we can give this thing a major design overhaul (no offense Aric). I'm from Indiana and a born and bread chicago blackhawks hockey fan. I like to widdle away at my time playing World of Warcraft and reading theology (yes I am that much of a dork).

I'm totally into practical theology, "emergent" church stuff (although I always get hung up on that term) which is really about developing a faith that can be lived, practiced, and transform our lives here and now while looking for the ever inbreaking kingdom of God.

I'll probably be the one bantering back and forth with Aric and bowing to Doug's insightful comments. I get scared when Aric starts talking about big theological words and I'll be the one asking him the ever present "so what?" question. I remember back to my great days of youth ministry at Federated Church and those kids who didn't let me get away with anything. It's those guys and gals my theology has to live up too.

My motivations aren't any more complex than these two friars. I can't imagine my life without these two, and I can't think of any way better to keep a record of these conversations that have changed the way I view...well everything. I look forward to being able to track every discussion and being able to share it with all of you. So here's to a cool new project, but I'm most definitely the fool.

**PS: I'm a poor speller and not the greatest grammatical genius so don't be afraid to ask what??


Jodie said...

"developing a faith that can be lived, practiced, and transform our lives here and now while looking for the ever inbreaking kingdom of God."

Which I think is what the Gospels and the rest of the New Testament are really all about. And it's because they are about this that they lived and were passed down to us.

So I agree, "emergent" is a misnomer.

And I don't understand at all why the Fundamentalists fear and hate the movement so much, except that they hate everything and everybody not Fundamentalist. A religion based on hate and fear masquerading as Christianity.

But I am burned out arguing with them. Again. I'd rather just take our faith and lead by example.

I look forward to this blog. Although I am partial to reading and writing rather than podcast media. It is probably a generational change. Not sure what my favorite topic will be. I am partial to biblical theology and biblical narrative. A book that has, for good and for evil (yes, sometimes evil) changed the lives of so many people of so many cultures over so many centuries deserves to be dissected and devoured.

Sometimes it is sweet to the pallet but bitter to the stomach. Other times it is bitter to the pallet but sweet to the stomach.

And why should we remain Christian? (I do remain Christian, but can we articulate why in some way that is more than a one dimensional defensive platitude?)

What do the multitudes hunger for? Does Jesus Christ still feed the hungry?

Doug Hagler said...

And that's us.


Nick.Larson said...

Yeah, I'm glad you picked up on that line. I really like it and for sure want to talk about those things. One of the main reasons I don't like to use the title emergent much anymore is that I think it shuts down the conversation quicker than opening it up, which is typically my goal.