Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Theme and Purpose

You've just walked into a familiar pub. Three other regulars are having a loud argument over by the bar and though you'd planned on catching a bit of the game on the tellie (Rangers vs. Celtics) while sipping on a pint of lager, you find yourself getting pulled into the debate. Before you know it you're all red-faced and talking over each other and there are a surprising number of empty pint glasses unwashed on the bar, because the bartender is deep in the row as well. The verbal sparring goes on late into the night, punctuated by laughter and the bartender ringing the bell for last calls. The casual patrons leave, but you are a diehard so you get locked in and the conversation continues. It meanders over everything from politics to sex, with a lot of religion thrown in, and though you'll have a brutal hangover in the morning you know you won't regret the time spent with friends.

That's the feel we're going for with this place.

A huge part of developing that kind of atmosphere is going to be your participation. If we get good thoughtful regulars who contribute with comments that forward the conversation it will be more interesting than if this is a soapbox for our opinions. Our podcasts will be conversational in style, between the three of us, and we hope that through listener feedback we will even be able to incorporate, change and adapt to your interests. Of course, since we are the proprietors this will largely bear the stamp of our personalities, but we think of ourselves as responsive individuals. This site will test that theory.

In addition to the podcast this space will hopefully eventually morph into a social network of sorts that includes forums, our blogs, and who knows what other crazy content may come into it. We are all three people with busy lives and this is not likely to ever be a paid gig, so how quickly it develops and into what is up in the air, but I like to dream big. I count on my fellow Friars here to keep me grounded.

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jairus' daughter said...

so, which one of you is the bartender, and what's on tap?