Friday, May 15, 2009


The two best friars there ever were are graduating from seminary very soon. Doug and Nick have learned Greek and Hebrew, suffered through the Intro to Ministry series, become ethical, learned theology and read a ridiculous amount of self-important theologians, taken a stupid number of units in Biblical Studies, and managed to squeeze in the occasional good course too. They've put up with frustration and administration, they've also, frankly, gotten to live in some of the best weather on the planet. They've paid a crap-ton of money, and eaten infinite lunches at Java-Hut (hub, whatever).

Congratulations guys. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal. I know you're mostly just exhausted, disillusioned, and a bit stressed about what comes next, but you will very soon be MASTERS OF DIVINITY! (cue He-Man theme song)


Paul Wise said...

"Master of Divinity"
- quite possibly the most awesome title ever.

Doug Hagler said...

Thanks Aric. I didn't mention it, but I appreciated this post.

Jodie said...

You know,...

It takes more class work to get a Master of Divinity than it does to get a Medical degree, or a PhD in Psychology, Biology, or Physics.

And it probably costs more money too.

Why do they only call it a "Master of..." degree?

(and then they want to pay you as much as a grade school teacher!...)

Truly a labor of love. Congratulations.