Saturday, May 30, 2009

PIF Redux Part 1

I've been thrown by the experience of no longer feeling impending doom around every corner, no longer slipping into morose contemplation at every opportunity, but it hasn't stopped me from rewriting my PIF (the first one was written, like everything else I've done for the past few months, in the midst of a pretty severe depression). Here is the new PIF for your reading pleasure, in four parts:

Characteristics of the church or organization you would like to serve and the unique gifts, skills and experiences you would like to bring to the position:

I am part of a generation of people who do not go to church, who often aren’t interested in church, who perhaps have even been hurt or turned off specifically by church. I have remained part of a church community for my entire life for a few simple reasons. The first reason is that I found ways to make my life meaningful through loving God and loving others.

Another reason is that I have been nurtured by the church, even when my own home and family life were most difficult growing up. I am thankful to be nourished by the church since then, as a student and as a chaplain. I have been able to find, in the church, an outlet for my creativity and passion, designing new worship experiences, using drama and music and art, writing poetry and organizing for justice. I have also been pushed and challenged by the church, her teachings, her history, and her present conflicts.

I found that the church has accepted me, that through it I have become part of the family of God. Because the church’s doors have always been open to me, I believe that her doors must remain open for any others who wish to come, taste, and know that God is good. I welcome the challenge and opportunity in everyone who comes through those doors.
In the church I found God - in worship, in service, and in community - and God saved my life, is making me whole, and has prepared me to go out and be a leader and follower, preacher and prophet, pastor and counselor, ordained minister and flawed, growing human being.

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