Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hold On A Minute

Let me get this straight, conservatives.

If someone is unwilling to sign a Republican loyalty oath, they aren't allowed into a RNC rally...But its fine if someone brings a loaded AR-15 to an Obama rally.

And Obama is the fascist!?

Here's another one. If Republicans try to pass end-of-life consulting panels in 2003, no big deal, but when Obama does the EXACT SAME THING, they are death-panels, and again, Obama is the fascist.

I can only come to a few conclusions.

1. Sarah Palin and her "death panel" ilk have no memory of any events preceding 2005, kind of like the reverse of the guy from Memento...(and they also lack YouTube, the Daily Show, Google or TiVo)

2. Republicans are aware of their own spittle-flecked hypocrisy and are having a good laugh at the expense of the rest of us...(and nice one guys, but this has gone on a little long)

3. I have finally snapped...

4. Or we are all trying to have a debate with inanimate objects.

I try very hard to grant the benefit of the doubt, but on this current health-care "debate", I just can't. I'm sure there are reasonable conservatives out there, but I wish they were louder.


Alan said...

Personally, I liked Barney Frank's response to one of the nutjobs at a town hall: "Madam, on what planet do you spend most of your time?"

Aric Clark said...

The problem isn't the crazies. There are always crazies. The problem is that there appear to be no reasonable conservative voices out there. In fact, it seems that conservatism as a whole has ceded any attempt at productive social discourse to the nutjobs in their midst. I sincerely hope this is the last gasp of a bankrupt ideology and they don't do too much damage on their way out.

Doug Hagler said...

I continue to be baffled and appalled all at once. I don't know why my usual cynicism takes longer to take hold here. I guess deep down I hope that even though I disagree with conservatives on many issues, they'd at least be consistent. I'm still waiting for the ones with integrity to speak up...