Thursday, August 27, 2009

Important Countercultural Prohibitions

According to Christian...



No Killing

No Fornication

No Torture

No Gays

No Hoarding Wealth

No Dancing

No Exploiting the Poor

No Drinking

No Racism/Sexism/


No Abortion

No Cussing


Jodie said...

How did the conservatives ever go down that path anyway?

It's like substitutionary atonement, only it's substitutionary morality.

Aric Clark said...

Substitutionary morality...

For God looked down and saw that humankind was incapable of living out his commandment to love one another so he said, "I'll be peaceful and loving for you. You guys, instead of actually trying to be good human beings, can just show me that you've accepted my sacrifice on your behalf by not drinking, or dancing, or cussing too much - and it will be just like you actually love your neighbors!"