Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sweet Relief

Well, today was the last of my CPE seminars. I still have final evaluations and four weeks more of chaplaincy, but I will no longer have to do the extra educational work alongside the clinical work.

I felt a strong sense of relief, and now I just feel really tired. I'm going to call a Fool and then go up to pray with a young man in the burn unit and then head to bed.

I have learned so much through this program. I am now a laser-guided pastoral ninja. But I am also very, emphatically done.


Cecilia said...

"laser-guided pastor ninja"!!!

Why didn't MY CPE program offer that???

Nicely done, friend. Enjoy a breather.

Aric Clark said...

Congratulations! I remember a time when you weren't sure you were up to the task (I never doubted). You're through with flying colors though. On to the next adventure.

Doug Hagler said...

adventure, which is, at this point, four more weeks of clinical time and in the meantime trying to find a place to live